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Farewell Iran!


The best laid plans of mice and men…

Masuleh is simply beautiful. A village perched on a forested mountain where each house roof serves as the neighbours landing. A major tourist destination for Iranians, it had it all: charm, views, mountain air, relaxation and lots of traditional costumes! (You can get photographed in the local attire. Unfortunately, I got scolded for trying to […]


Getting out of Tehran is never easy


Four seasons in one day

I left the Turkmen Ecolodge in Totli Tamak with a refreshed body and a rejuvenated soul. My destination: Mirarkola. About 5-6 hours riding back toward Tehran. A friend, Mani, had recommended it as a place to camp up in the beautiful mountains. So with nothing more than a pin drop on a map, I set […]


A whirlwind of landscapes, climate and people


Good luck, bad luck. Who knows?

Nature Museum

How hard is it to get a bike out of Iranian customs?

Beautiful North Tehran

The bike saga continues…

Hi all, Well nothing is simple when you are in a foreign land, trying to complete a less than usual procedure when you speak about three words of the local language. So in short, I am yet to claim my motorbike from customs, but I am oh so close. More on that later. I’m sure […]

Golestan Palace water feature

Passing time in Tehran

The descent into Tehran

Into Iran