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Nature Museum

How hard is it to get a bike out of Iranian customs?

I’ve broken the blog

Hi all, Installed a new feature for readers to subscribe to the blog and it has wreaked havoc. Uninstalled it, but the display issue remain. Therefore, I’ve had to change the home page appearance for now. (They pictures were overlapping on the home screen.) Will try to resolve in the coming days. The Internet speeds […]

Beautiful North Tehran

The bike saga continues…

Hi all, Well nothing is simple when you are in a foreign land, trying to complete a less than usual procedure when you speak about three words of the local language. So in short, I am yet to claim my motorbike from customs, but I am oh so close. More on that later. I’m sure […]

Golestan Palace water feature

Passing time in Tehran

The descent into Tehran

Into Iran


Coming soon.

Countdown is on. Stay tuned folks. More to come… much more.