Coming soon.

Countdown is on. Stay tuned folks. More to come… much more.

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    • b j p
    • 14 July, 2017

    Good luck mate. Don’t be afraid to ask people for a boost to be able to get on! Please see the following list of translations to help:

    Persian: آیا می توانید به من در دوچرخه من کمک کنید؟
    Uzbek: Iltimos, menga velosipedimga yordam bera olasizmi?
    Kazakh: Маған велосипедке көмектесе аласыз ба?
    Russian: Не могли бы вы помочь мне на моем велосипеде?
    Italian: Puoi aiutarmi per la mia moto?

      • Shane
      • 23 July, 2017

      Thanks for the quick reference guide Brad. I’ll keep it handy ha ha

    • Andy Blevins
    • 17 July, 2017

    C’mon!!! Where are the daily updates? Hourly updates? Shane you should know that buying this domain name and putting up some pics means you have an obligation to your people to share your progress.


      • Shane
      • 23 July, 2017

      …and I thought I was trying to avoid the “always on” mentality Blevo 😉

    • VIJAY
    • 1 August, 2017

    Have a great time Shane. Will keep following “ADVENTURES OF SHANE”

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