Romania: The last of adventure

If I had been seeking adventure on this epic journey, then Romania certainly provided it. My first stop was the capital, Bucharest. A fascinating city with a vibrant centre and plenty of history. It was still quite affordable and so it was that I was able to continue indulging in fine food and drink.   […]


A bender in Bulgaria


The silence of Gallipoli


A wedding in Italy

Time is flying by. No sooner do I post a blog aiming to follow it up with the next one when a week goes by… and then 10 days. I guess the days of endless spare time in Iran are long gone, but as I say to many friends… I still feel like I have […]

The Blue Mosque

A race across Turkey


A quick, but rewarding, transit back through Georgia

Laziness has well and truly kicked in, so I apologise for the lack of posts lately. I’ll see what I can do about catching up over the next week. Many of you have already noticed that my Instagram is quite ahead of the blog! I’m writing this from a cafe in Bucharest. The weather is […]


Georgia and Armenia




Farewell Iran!


The best laid plans of mice and men…

Masuleh is simply beautiful. A village perched on a forested mountain where each house roof serves as the neighbours landing. A major tourist destination for Iranians, it had it all: charm, views, mountain air, relaxation and lots of traditional costumes! (You can get photographed in the local attire. Unfortunately, I got scolded for trying to […]